The digital information board is a free web application to make plans and documents quickly and easily accessible to larger groups of people.

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Functions offers you the opportunity to make the analog 'bulletin board' in your congregation hall accessible to any publisher at any time through modern technology.

Access from anywhere where there is Internet works on any device with an Internet browser. So you can access your data from anywhere. All communication is transmitted securely and encrypted.

Print plans

If you prefer to work with paper, you can of course also print out any plan (if this option has been activated for the plan).

Multiple user levels

Of course, not everyone should be able to change, add or even delete plans. Therefore there are different user levels with different permissions.

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Safety and security uses a number of measures to ensure that data is protected and only accessible to authorized persons.
Therefore, no data is stored in large server clouds of foreign companies, but all data is stored on a private server in a data center in Germany.
Data is only transmitted encrypted between server and client through the Internet. You can recognize this by the green https in the address bar of your browser.

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You want to use like 132 other congregations already? Just fill out the form below. Usually you will receive an answer within a few hours. Please also check your spam folder for new messages.

Please do not use an @ address for the e-mail, as they cannot receive messages from outside.

Please only use this form to request for a new congregation. If your congregation is already using, please contact a person in charge for the access data.

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